have you benchmarked this sort of analysis?
by El Capitan (2015-01-01 09:45:31)
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  In reply to: The coaches, based on my criteria  posted by El Kabong

Maybe apply those criteria to coaches in 2008 and see where they are today? Anyway, I would definitely save your list and then look at it again in 5 years and see where everyone turned out. Might surprise you.

I sort of did something similar. Back in 2008, I put together a really extensive list as a supplement for BGS -- you can see it here.

Last week, I wrote a follow-up on the TPG, you can see it here.

A summary of the BCS level guys:
Meyer -- elite since then
Saban -- elite since then
Stoops -- pretty good since then
Dantonio -- excellent for MSU
Pinkel -- great for Missouri
Gundy -- great for OK St
Petrino -- other than the motorcycle has done very well.
Bielema -- good at Wisconsin, rebuilding at Arkansas
Johnson -- good
Schiano -- good at Rutgers, sucked at Tampa Bay
Richt -- same old, same old
Riley -- same old, same old
Ferentz -- same old, same old
Kelly -- took ND job
Tuberville -- fired at Auburn, floated around at lower conferences, not done anything terribly impressive since then
Leach -- fired at TTU, decent at WSU
Bellotti -- resigned shortly after
Davis -- fired
Tedford -- Fired from Cal
Nutt -- fired
Friedgen -- fired
Grobe -- fired
Groh -- fired
Mangino -- fired
O’Brien -- fired
Leavitt -- fired
Hawkins -- fired

Summary of Lower Tier guys
Patterson -- excellent by any standard, doubly for TCU
Peterson -- continued great at BSU, rebuilding at UW
Whittingham -- good at Utah, rebuilding in PAC12
Mendenhall -- same old, same old at BYU

List Omissions
Harbaugh -- awesome
Chip Kelly -- awesome
Fisher -- pretty good
Malzahn -- pretty good
Briles -- pretty good
Strong -- good
Graham -- good
Pelini -- good


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