His team is playing for a national championship.
by tusk (2015-01-01 09:06:24)
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That hardly seems "meh" to me, and it's better than anyone on your list outside of the two pipe dream candidates, Saban and Meyer.

I doubt ND could offer enough to lure Helfrich away from Oregon in any event. Unlike Malzahn, he's king of his state, he doesn't have to deal with the restrictions and bullshit ancillary nonsense (four(!) pressers a week, entitled alumni who get their panties in a wad if the head football coach doesn't speak at their precious event) that exist at ND, and Nike has deep enough pockets to meet or exceed any offer ND could reasonably make.

By the way, I'm a double Domer, but I've never understood why so many alums feel entitled to the head football coach's time. I'd prefer the head coach spend his time on football and recruiting, and any spare time he has recharging his batteries so as to prevent the burnout that seems to plague successful ND coaches. As long as the coach doesn't do anything to interfere with his players' academic responsibilities or embarrass the University, I'm fine with him keeping whatever free time he has for himself and his family rather than flying around the country to placate alumni groups.


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