I followed the Michigan search far too closely.
by Bruno95 (2015-01-01 09:05:33)
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I am not sure why. But I learned something while observing it. NFL reporters either make stuff up, are unwitting pawns of their sources, or know full well they're being played and do nothing about it. One way or the other, they were painfully wrong about Harbaugh.

The same is likely the case here. I do find plausible the idea that Kelly's agent is pushing these stories. Somebody probably is, because I don't think the reporters are making stuff up out of thin air. I also find it plausible that someone in an NFL front office could be telling them Kelly's on a list.

I think it's too early to believe much else. We know the puppets' mouths are moving, but we don't know why. I do think the time is ripe for Kelly to put these stories to rest. If he declines, we'll know a little more.


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