Yep; a Saban ND NC would likely make him all-time #1
by Irish2003 (2014-12-31 19:11:07)
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  In reply to: It's an ego thing, too.  posted by Skip Encarnacion

I'm not optimistic about our chances of landing him, but if he was the first person to win NCs at 3 schools including turning around 2 of the all-time elite programs (and elevating from a decent program into borderline elite), he'd easily take the lead for greatest coach of all-time. Meyer isn't quite there yet, but with 2 NCs, getting OSU back into the NC picture, an undefeated Utah team, and another UF team that was probably the second-best team that year but was (understandably) left out for a UT team that was 12-0 during the season, he's easily got the best odds of anyone else to get into the "greatest ever" debate.


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