I'd normally agree, but I think he is worth an exception.
by WilfordBrimley (2014-12-31 19:02:09)
Edited on 2014-12-31 19:07:07
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  In reply to: Malzahn has very limited experience  posted by El Kabong

Auburn recruits about like we do (granted, they can take JuCo's and ample transfers which they've used for success, but the raw talent he's working with isn't too different than ours), and he's both been to a title game as an HC and won one as an OC.

I think he is simply an exceptional and gifted coach - the kind that would shine just about wherever he goes. I also love his offense, but that's a matter of taste.

Edit: I also don't necessarily understand what puts Strong over Malzahn on this list. While being an understudy to Chizik certainly isn't comparable to being one under Meyer, they were both at major programs and won national titles largely on the back of their side of the ball. Malzahn has proven to be a superior head coach so far in my opinion. I like Strong and watched him up close for four years, and he still has growing to do. His offense sucks ass, and if people complained about Kelly's special teams, wait until they get a look at Strong's.


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