I think you're holding him to an unrealistic standard.
by 801stlouis (2017-04-21 13:57:14)
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  In reply to: "I don't know what it was. But I do know it's on me..."  posted by SUJB9

No good coach is going to go into more detail than Saban did in this interview. He took full responsibility. He talked about the challenge of having a freshman QB at the beginning of the year and then the fact that his team didn't play to its strengths in the championship game. If he chose to go into more detail than that, he would most likely get into talking about specifics that would relate to individual players and, by doing so, would throw those individuals under the bus. It's pretty simple: he made some tactical errors during (and possibly leading up to) the game and he regrets those decisions.

One of the nice things for Saban is that he doesn't have to think too much about how to respond after a loss because it happens so infrequently. Kelly, on the other hand, needs a systematic approach to dealing with losses because losses have a way of coming at Kelly in bunches.


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