It is indeed
by YinzKeenanVisor (2017-04-21 12:58:21)
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  In reply to: I think Kelly's spread system is particularly putrid  posted by ACross

But its wretchedness stems partly from the un-spread-like, pseudo-professional burden it places on the QB.

Kizer and his predecessors have all had a lot more on their plate, pre- and post-snap, than many of their collegiate counterparts, and certainly more than the guys running the Air Raid stuff at Cal and Texas Tech, or the run-based spreads at Oregon, OSU and Clemson.

So, in some ways, Kizer will actually be more prepared, in that he will at least recognize what NFL teams are doing and teaching. But the why and the how and the when may be all mixed up in his head.

Some of these guys are blank slates.

Kizer is not. There's a foundation there, but it's wobbly, and may require a complete tear down.


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