More than enough to win 10 games
by YinzKeenanVisor (2017-04-21 12:15:52)
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  In reply to: No, not "more than enough talent." *  posted by IrishGeek

If properly developed and utilized against this schedule.

- Only UGA and USC are better on paper, and both of those games are at home, with a cupcake, and an off week, preceding them. A good coach would at least split those games.

- Temple, BC, Miami (OH), NC State, Wake, and Navy have drastically inferior rosters, and none of those games should be close.

- Michigan State went 3-9 last year - and lost their QB and 3 best defenders.

- Miami and UNC are talented in places, but their rosters - like ours - lack depth and experience in critical areas. And, while both games are on the road, neither atmosphere is exactly Death Valley.

- Stanford will be good, because they always are. But there is no excuse for a 2-5 record against them.

With all that being said:

A) 10-3 is not, to roughly paraphrase Charles Weis, "good enough"
B) We almost certainly do not have enough talent to win 13 or 14 games, and make or advance in the Playoff.
C) We will lose 5+ games.


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