Accountability for losing the NC game
by NWEndzone (2017-04-20 21:46:35)

Nope, not our coach.

From Chris Low's article on today

"It was Alabama's first loss after 26 straight wins, and the Crimson Tide were vying for what would have been their fifth national championship in the last eight years. Never one to mince words, Saban said the blame for Alabama not playing its best football in the playoff falls squarely on him.

"If you had asked me if that team makes it to the championship game in September, I would have said probably not because of the quarterback (Jalen Hurts) being a true freshman," Saban said. "But after we got there, I felt like if we had played to our strengths as a team, we would win. But we didn't play to our strengths, and that's my fault. That's the part that's hard to get over.

"I didn't do a good job, whether it was keeping the team focused, making sure the team took the ownership they needed to take in those games ... whatever. I don't know what it was. But I do know it's on me, and we'll go on and all learn from it."