I really have to scan and post the drawing of the Dome from
by Moff (2017-04-20 14:29:16)
Edited on 2017-04-20 14:34:10
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  In reply to: OT Why wasn't the locker room preserved as a historic site? *  posted by cj

the 60's. It was a proposal to knock down the entire admin building as outdated and unsafe except for leaving only the Dome standing on top of a structural support tower. (If you think it looks phallic now....) I am sure it was the brainchild of the great visionaries of the day, and those that opposed it were just angry old men afraid of change. (See also the spiral monstrosity of a new church they were going to build behind the Library, complete with a few more tower dorms that were later deemed a mistake).

It is in Thomas J. Schlereth's book, the University of Notre Dame, Portrait of Its History and Campus, which I used to read all the time as a middle schooler. (I used to be able to blow people's minds when they would ask for directions on campus from a fifth grader and give a brief tour)

As for the lockerroom, we have a football program run by people who have no idea why they suck, so we will keep changing everything about this place which is obviously the cause of their failures. But don't worry, "the kids love it" just as much as the dozens of other changes that were certain to improve the program and bring in the great recruits. 4-8.


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