Jesus, Mary and Joseph
by HTownND (2017-04-20 13:27:18)
Edited on 2017-04-20 13:43:02

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I've said repeatedly that I like Kizer, that I think he's going to be a great NFL QB, etc.

I also hope he goes in the first round.

But yes, I've spent a lot of time correcting fanboys who don't know very much about how the NFL works.

Of course those projections happened, after the prior season, but that's not how the NFL works, they hold the draft the following year. We went 4-8 and Kizer was benched at one point.

Now, people seem to be trying to hope/will him into the first round, despite the fact that all of the major draft analysts are dropping QBs down further and further, because as has been predicted, there are no Eli Mannings/Philip Rivers/Matt Ryan's who are sure fire #1 picks, or top of 1st round picks.

All of the QBs in this class have some sort of "issue". Turbisky is experience. Watson is height, Kizer is "system", footwork and 4-8, Mahomes is height and "system".

Everyone, including Kizer himself, knows he's a project and won't be ready to start day 1.

The list of QBs in that situation that have been taken in the first round, the past 10 years, can be counted on one hand.

I draw my confidence because I pay attention to this every year. I don't know why I do, but it's one of my things. Maybe it's to make fun of the JETS fans in my family as they F up the draft each and every single year. But I've been paying attention to this stuff since I was a HS kid. Anyone who takes their ND fanboy glasses off, and pays attention to how the NFL draft works, can easily tell you why. Given the number of issues with each QB in the draft, I'm amazed that people think we're going to set a high in the number of first round QBs taken over the past several years. Perhaps if we had other players that weren't QBs, we'd all realize how deep this year's draft is, which makes the idea of teams taking a project QB in round 1 all the more perplexing. It's like ND fans have some sort of need for validation that Kizer is really good and is a first round QB.

We don't (Montana wasn't a first round QB either). And Kizer will make millions of dollars playing QB in the NFL. Maybe it's because I'm not emotionally invested in his draft position like some of the fanboys who need NFL draft validation after a shitastic 4-8 season. I don't know, but it's stupid, and I'll continue to correct people who are dumb, and I won't apologize for it.

PS - Kizer can still be taken the first day, but it would take some moves by other teams to come back into round 1, the Jets taking a QB despite the glaring holes up and down their roster (never count out the Jets to do something that doesn't make an ounce of sense) etc. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying it's extremely unlikely

PPS - I'm not going to come here crowing about it if he isn't taken Day 1 either.