i hope you're wrong.
by MistakenD (2017-04-20 13:04:16)
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  In reply to: A lot of internet MBs are being wasted  posted by HTownND

you've taken a very aggressive attitude toward correcting any positivity toward Kizer. i wasnt really satisfied with your rebuttal the last time this topic cam up, re: late round 1 v early round 2. I wasnt in a position to argue. still not. you seem to be associating any hopefulness with irrationality. you act as if early projections of Kizer at number one overall didn't happen.

i dont know where you draw your confidence in assessing these things. i specifically jave issue with your blanket characterization of genius NFL GMs. thats just a hige exaggeration. EJ Manuel was a top 20 pick. Aguayo, a PK, was Tampa's Rd 2 pick. Kiper and McShay and Mayock (clueless as Andy has stated): all three get made to look foolish on a couple guys every year.

you dont knownwhete kizer will go any more than anyone else. you should free yourself from this self-imposed burden of correcting everyone on where you feel stronlgy that Kizer will go.


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