I agree those teams will all take a QB
by HTownND (2017-04-20 11:07:16)
Edited on 2017-04-20 11:13:33
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  In reply to: It probably depends on if/when a run starts  posted by YinzKeenanVisor

But most of them have pretty glaring needs at a host of positions beyond a QB.

Most of them aren't a QB away at this point, which is why you aren't seeing a bunch of teams crawling all over themselves to select a QB in round 1.

The fall of the entire QB class is very logical and makes sense if anyone has paid an ounce of attention to how the NFL draft works (even in the 5/4 year contract era).

Cleveland - Has to take a QB with their second first rounder at #12
NY Jets - So many holes a QB isn't going to be their first round pick
San Francisco - not in the top of round 1, but will most likely take a QB in round 2
Houston - Will take a QB if the right one is there, but they have other needs too, and won't take a QB to take a QB there.
Washington - Won't take a QB in round 1, no way, no how, too many other holes to fill
Buffalo - Not in round 1
Kansas City - Possibly, but they do have some other holes to fill before finding an Alex Smith replacement
Chicago - Will most likely take a QB in round 2, no way in round 1 unless they trade back in
Arizona - Will take a QB in round 1 if it's the guy Arians wants
Pittsburgh - Possible, as you know, but they have some other needs too, this wouldn't fit their MO, but it's possible
San Diego - Not in Round 1
Jacksonville - Not in Round 1

I agree with the pundits, we will most likely see 2-3 QBs in round 1
Those are the best bets. Some people say the Jets, but it's the Jets we're talking about, and again, they have so many holes, they don't want to once again get burned by a QB they aren't sure of.


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