It probably depends on if/when a run starts
by YinzKeenanVisor (2017-04-20 10:49:24)
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  In reply to: A lot of internet MBs are being wasted  posted by HTownND

If everyone in the top 10 passes on a QB, then - yeah - he'll probably fall to Round 2. But I am still betting on stupid and desperate.

There are simply too many dumb organizations that need a QB, and too many arrogant GMs, HCs, and OCs who think they can turn some very flawed piece of clay into a masterpiece.

So, I will bet that at least 3 and maybe 4 QBs go in the 1st round. Probably:

- Trubisky (top 15)
- Watson (top 25)
- Mahomes (top 30)
- Kizer (top 30)

And that another 2 go in the 2nd round. Probably:

- Peterman
- Webb or Kaaya

Cleveland, NY Jets, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, Buffalo, Kansas City, Chicago, Arizona, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Jacksonville will all probably pick a QB at some point. And each will have a favorite who they won't want to miss.


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