No, it won't.
by wearendhockey (2017-04-19 15:08:49)
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  In reply to: This time, it might not be such a bad thing  posted by Irishlawyer

Notre Dame doesn't care. The stadium could have 40,000 opposing fans in it and Notre Dame would spin it as how welcoming they are. The stadium could have 15,000 empty seats and Notre Dame would spin it as how there are many teams and sports that are struggling to sell out, anybody see a NASCAR race recently. Thinking that the next embarrassing situation -- no matter what it might be -- will change Notre Dame's approach sounds like all of the people who thought certainly that Donald Trump's NEXT controversial statement would sink him. I'm not bringing politics into this, just making what I believe to be an applicable comparison. There were enough embarrassing situations 10 or 15 years ago for Notre Dame to recognize a change in thinking was needed and they did not change. The "Notre Dame football" thing we all loved is dead and gone. It isn't coming back.


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