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by HTownND (2017-04-19 14:25:56)
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  In reply to: And what would that "larger problem" be?  posted by IrishGeek

By virtue of not having a clearly articulated and universal goal for the football program, manifest in how they prioritize and pimp history/nostalgia/tradition, have created a situation where fans all have wildly varying degrees of expectations, desires, etc.

I don't blame people who have a different bar than I do. I blame Notre Dame for not only allowing that bar to be changed, but for doing everything they can to foster that segmenting of the fan base.

Because no one at Notre Dame can clearly articulate what the universal goals of our football team are, the fans have filled the vacuum with their own expectations and goals. I believe that has been done on purpose by ND (if you don't articulate clear goals, no one can hold you accountable when you fall short. Look at last year, no one says it's a good year, it was bad...But look over here at X,Y,Z. The team likes coming to practice, all is well)


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