Another Sea of Red in the making?
by TWO (2017-04-19 12:03:52)
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Similar to the Nebraska game when Davie was here. At least according to this article on DawgNation. I don't know why but I always thought visitors got 5K of tickets. But someone told me that USC gets more than 10K. I'm not sure where those extra tickets come from though. But one thing for sure given the unhappiness with the program, with Kelly, with Swarbrick, with Jenkins, etc I won't be surprised if UGA fans are willing to put up the CASH that they will find many willing Irish fans ready to sell their tickets.


I’m not saying there’s no way to get anything in the way of a hotel in South Bend in September, but the hotels here have all been sold out since December, I’m told.

Of course, first Georgia fans have to get tickets, and the ticket priority breakdown hasn’t been released yet as I understand it. The Bulldogs will receive 10,000 tickets from Notre Dame. But based on the buzz and feedback I’ve been getting from Georgia fans, it sounds like more like 40,000 are planning to come that second weekend in September.

Many UGA fans are staying in Chicago, which is about 95 miles away and a two-hour-plus commute. has some activities planned in Chicago that weekend as well and has already sold out one bus for a tailgate promotion the day of the game. The Chicago Cubs are in town that particular weekend and many such promotions are being organized. So be in the lookout for those.

But if you’re coming, be sure to carve out some time to take in South Bend and the Notre Dame campus. It truly is a sight to behold.


The rest of the article is complimentary of Notre Dame and the campus.


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