Thanks for the details
by oldbender (2017-04-17 17:56:27)
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  In reply to: 2 Old Timers games were held at School Field=1955 & 1960  posted by olson

Thank you for the refresher. It was 1960 at school field as you accurately report. Most of us walked down to the game. Some of us would go to st. Joe high school games there on Friday nights in the fall. Monty was a pain in the butt. Very few of his classmates, except for izo, couldt stand him by his senior year. But he and George hung out together by then. George had roomed with Dave Hurd, a great guy and coach for ara, but senior year it was Monty who he followed around. By then Monty was a living legend for his boorish behavior around campus. George was always just a big kid and Monty look advantage of him. George played a lot of his senior year with a twisted knee he got when he stepped in a hole on Cartier field. Both the stadium turf and Cartier could be a mess. He was not a happy camper for most of his senior year both because of his head coach who he didn't care for and his bum knee.


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