2 Old Timers games were held at School Field=1955 & 1960
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Both the 1955 & 1960 Spring 'Old Timers' games were moved to School Field on Eddy St

In both years the move was due to the fact that the ND Stadium field was being re-sodded.

Old Timers 19 ND Varsity 14

Paul Hornung QBed the Varsity/graduating senior Ralph Guglielmi QBed the OTers

Hornung got the Varsity to the 8 late in the game, trailing 19-14. But the OTes with the likes of Shannon, Varrichione, Szymanski and Chicago Cardinal Fred Wallner stopped the varsity in their tracks

ND varsity captain Ray Lemek was recovering from knee surgery and DNP in the game.

The OTers had a major advantage= the Varsity had to play under the Single Platoon/ Limited Substitution rules in place in college football at the time...the Old Timers did NOT have to follow the rules-they were allowed to freely substitute throughout the contest


12,742 showed up-a big crowd for that size facility

The OTers had graduating senior George Izo(the 2nd player taken in the 1st rd of the NFL draft) and Green Bay Packer pro Paul Hornung at QB

The Varsity won anyway: ND Varsity 27 OTers 15

Notre Dame had a HB named Ratkowksi (Ray) and a QB named Rutkowski (Ed)

HB Ratkowski returned a punt 82 yds or a td(he also returned another 60yds-but it was called back)

QB Ed Rutkowski ran for a 20 yd td

Then, just to confuse everyone, QB Rutkowski hit HB Ratkowski with a 32 yd td pass

The Varsity led 27-7 late, when OTer QB Izo hit Pat Heenan with a td pass.

15 seconds remained

OTer Monty Stickles lined up for the XP...no one on the varsity was paying much attention to this meanless extra point -but Monty had the ball hiked directly to him & he circled around end into the endzone for 2 pts

With the game being played at School Field, the fans (mostly students) were right on top of the action. And the fans in the endzone were just feet away from Stickles as he scored.

The students took exception to Stickles meaningless score & let him have it. Stickles stood in the endzone & quickly responded with a gesture of the esteem that he held for those fans....a memorable moment in ND Old Timers history :)

Final Notre Dame Varsity 27 ND Old Timers 15