The "old timers" games
by oldbender (2017-04-17 16:12:47)
Edited on 2017-04-17 16:42:58
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  In reply to: Blue-Gold  posted by olson

You remain one of bright spots on this almost completely negative board. You reference the "old timers" games. Now that's back in my time. I don't remember much about the games themselves, except a few details around them. I believe it was 1958 when a lot of the old timers rode in on model T fords. Then the next year the game was moved to school field because the stadium was being resodded. I can also remember the old timers practices a day or two before the game. Not everyone was in the best of shape when they showed up. And the reserves from the current team were much in evidence by the fourth quarter of the game. Attendance was nothing like it is today. I'd usually attend because a lot of the guys I knew were playing in the game. Ars's decision was ai wise one. Not only was he concerned about guys getting hurt, but so were their bosses. Getting guys to come back was getting harder and harder by the late sixties.


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