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delves more deeply and shares multiple videos including one with him singing with the Peanut.

"It’s the heart of a mentor who befriended a troubled college defensive back last fall, picking him up at his house five or six mornings a week, lifting weights and running routes with him, paying for sessions with a personal trainer, making sure he ate right.

Max Redfield, a teammate of Austin’s at Mission Viejo, was dismissed from the Notre Dame football team last August after his arrest on misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana and possession of a handgun without a license. He was given one-year restricted probation.

Konrad advised Redfield to scrap plans to enter the NFL draft and to transfer to another school for one more football season so he could rehabilitate his reputation and restore his value."

“He was an incredible friend, someone I leaned on,” Redfield said. “It was awesome to have someone believe in me. His legacy will never die."