As a family
by DC10 (2017-04-15 12:53:10)

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who has had the exceptional benefit of the selfless decision of organ donation, this is especially heartwarming to me.

My Dad (ND class of 1953) was a Dentist who contracted Hep C from a patient before the age of universal precautions. In 1989 his liver was shot. There was no hope and his physician told him to get his affairs in order and to spend his last remaining days with his family. At this point organ transplantation was in it's infancy. The surgical skill was there but the body's rejection of the new organ was an almost insurmountable problem.

Then a new anti rejection drug was developed. My Dad was put on the transplant list. As much as we ND fans dislike Nebraska, the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha saved my fathers life. He received his new liver October 27, 1989. His surgeon told us to enjoy our time with Dad because the life span of a transplant patient was about five years.

My Dad is still alive and doing well today. He is 85 now. We still watch ND football together. I will always be thankful to the good Lord, the skilled people at Nebraska and most of all the family that made the choice to donate that liver to my Dad....