It is entirely possible that Kizer
by faustfever (2017-04-15 08:05:30)

In reply to: Kizer has 'diva qualities'.  posted by Jurassic

was told he was going to have to compete with Wimbush for the starting QB job this Spring and Fall and wanted nothing to do with the situation.

If that makes him a diva after the whole splitting time with Zaire debacle then so be it. I get the whole, "you have to be willing to compete" thing but transferring vs going pro when you are as talented as Kizer is a no brainer.

I have no doubt Kizer was sitting there thinking, "what if what happened to Zaire happens to me. I'm toast."

Add to this the defense sucks and there is a new offensive coordinator playing tug-o-war with Kelly on the call sheet and...