Oh, please.
by DawsonMayes871 (2017-04-14 19:54:01)

In reply to: they are now calling Kizer the "12-11 Quarterback"  posted by MrE

It's amazing how some people such as yourself look for conspiracy theories. The vast majority of what they've said isn't incorrect. His footwork is lacking, his record as a starter is not good, and reshaping his body would be to his benefit. These are unassailable facts.

Frankly, I don't think what Kelly said (that Kizer should still be in college to develop more) was wrong. It's just that saying it did no good. The counter to his accurate statement is that despite Kizer needing more seasoning/experience, it's not likely he would've gotten it under Kelly's tutelage. Kizer could be a really good pro, but he can't step in and run the show from day one. I hope he lands in a situation like Pittsburgh where he can sit, learn, receive elite coaching, and not be saddled with being a savior out of the gate.