I'd never heard this song before. Poignant.
by NWEndzone (2017-04-14 13:37:34)
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  In reply to: "There used to be a Ballpark...  posted by CoachS

Oh, there used to be a ball park
where the field was warm and green,
and the people played a crazy game
with a joy I've never seen.

How the people watched with wonder,
how they laughed and how they cheered
Yes, there used to be a ball park....
right here....

And the people ate rock candy
on a great big 4th of July
and the fireworks exploded
all across the summer sky.

And the air was filled with wonder
from the hot dogs and the beer
Yes, there used to be a ball park...
right here....

Now the children try to find it,
and they can't believe their eyes
For the old team isn't playing,
and the new team hardly tries

And the sky has gotten cloudy
when it used to be so clear
and the summer....went so quickly...
this year....

Yes, there used to be a ball park...
right here....


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