It could be so much better
by vermin05 (2017-04-14 11:39:21)
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  In reply to: Indeed  posted by HTownND

With the astronomical cost they charge, there should be much more frequent bus service. When I parked out there, it was typical for me to see 7 busses sitting at the edge of the field with driver inside doing nothing. One bus would make the circuit every 30 min, usually having to skip the final stops because it was allready full. There is no reason not to run more frequent busses, pay for the gas so that everyone's first experience that day isn't waiting outside for 30 min while buses in full view just sat there.

Then we have the absolute CF post game, I understand there may be a wait post game but there is no reason to have >30 min wait 60-90 min after the end of the game, you need more busses.


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