they are now calling Kizer the "12-11 Quarterback"
by MrE (2017-04-14 09:37:27)
Edited on 2017-04-14 09:49:29
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  In reply to: That's not really what they've said  posted by DawsonMayes871

how convenient to start trotting that out now, along with all the negative stuff about Kizer being overweight, immature, bad footwork, etc.

Naturally, this 180-degree change in stance occurs only after:
a) Kizer is gone and isn't part of their propaganda arsenal anymore, and
b) Kelly gets slammed in the media for his asshole comments.

People should understand that those twits at Irish Illustrated are reporting with a certain slant and agenda that should make people take anything they write or say with a grain of salt.


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