Mayock's a dipshit
by ACross (2017-04-14 09:23:24)
Edited on 2017-04-14 09:27:28

In reply to: Kelly should be considered the ultimate contrarian indicator  posted by irishrock

The assclowns hung on his every word that polluted ND broadcasts.

If he believed himself to be credible at what he supposedly does -evaluate the strength and weakness of football players based on performance in games and perhaps combines . Then he shouldn't allow the equivalent of sneaking into the teacher's office and looking at the exam, then passing off the answer as his own.

What a fraud.

I don't know about Kizer. His handicap is the coaching he received and the system he came out of. I assume he can overcome both, given his size, his physical and arm strength, his football smarts, and his level headedness.