The problem...
by John@Indy (2017-04-13 09:42:48)
Edited on 2017-04-13 09:43:44
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  In reply to: Many of you have pointed out our "near wins" since '00. Here  posted by VaDblDmr that other than football, ND has no pre-2000 history of winning it all in any of the sports you list. Lacrosse, soccer, and hockey are as good as they've ever been. (None of those programs had reached a final four before 2001, but they have combined for nine appearances this century). Men's basketball is in its best condition since the early 1980s. ND men continue to win NCAA titles in fencing, which is now a coed sport. The problem is football. If ND were winning or at least regularly contending for football titles, you wouldn't be making specious claims about the condition of the men's athletic teams. Keep the focus where it belongs.


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