by buffaloirish (2017-04-12 17:35:09)
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  In reply to: Why should ND be cutting edge of strength and nutrition?  posted by NDMike2001

(a) we can afford to be.

(b) we owe it to athletes--particularly those playing an inherently dangerous sport to the tremendous financial benefit of the Univesity--to provide them the very best preparation and care.

(c) “My primary conviction has been, and is, that whatever else a university may be, it must first of all be a place dedicated to excellence. Most of my waking hours are directed to the achievement of that excellence here in the academic order. As long as we, like most American universities, are engaged in intercollegiate athletics, we will strive for excellence of performance in this area too, but never at the expense of the primary order of academic excellence. . . . There is no academic virtue in playing mediocre football and no academic vice in winning a game that by all odds one should lose. There has been a surrender at Notre Dame, but it is a surrender to excellence on all fronts, and in this we hope to rise above ourselves with the help of God." T. Hesburgh, C.S.C.


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