Seems more like a pinky finger. Its worthless.
by Queensman (2017-04-12 14:35:31)
Edited on 2017-04-12 14:35:52
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  In reply to: North Carolina giving the ACC the finger? (link)  posted by El Kabong

The only sport covered by this that is worth a shit is UNC men's hoops. No one cares about NC State. Both of their football teams are mediocre at best draws. Like the article says, it doesn't cover Duke. So what would that cover that would have any teeth? A couple UNC hoops home games in January and February? The NCAA tournament wouldn't be affected. The ACC tournament wouldn't be affected.

If they pulled them from the ACC, where would they go? Last I checked, the other conferences were part of the NCAA too.

Seems like these legislators were butt-hurt and took a huge backlash from their constituents. So they're double dog daring the NCAA to do it again? Ooooooohhhh...I'm sure that scared them.


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