I'm glad our players are getting bigger and stronger
by HTownND (2017-04-12 10:59:59)
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  In reply to: Has anyone seen the before/after photos on twitter? If so,  posted by nedryerson

That helps.

But I think a lot of people, especially ND fans, fall into the trap of the silver bullet. That there is just one thing wrong (or just a small amount of issues) that is keeping us from being elite national title contenders.

This goes a lot of different ways, including just assuming if we got rid of Kelly (or Jack), things would be magically fixed.

I think, and if people pay attention to what people are saying, and don't generalize and bastardize and parse statements made here and elsewhere, you'll see that many of the long time posters are suggesting it isn't any one thing, and that simply firing Kelly and or Jack wont' magically change things, or even replacing Jenkins won't change things.

There is a pervasive rot that has taken over ND football the past 20 years, which is the result of over 2 decades of neglect, mismanagement, poor decision making, misplaced priorities, financial decisions, etc. It is not any one thing that is wrong with ND and keeping us from truly competing for and winning national titles at ND. I don't have the answer, but what I do know is this, the return back to where we want to be isn't going to be easy or quick. There is too much institutional inertia pointing us in the wrong direction.

That said, I'm glad our new S&C program appears to be paying dividends, that is a good thing. And if I don't focus on that, it's not because I don't think it's a good thing. But I look at ND and see a gigantic ship heading the wrong way, and the gains in S&C are good, it amounts to a deckhand nudging the wheel a little bit while the captain isn't looking. We're still heading the wrong way. Our problems run deep, and I don't see large swaths of people who love ND football really thinking about changing that.

So S&C gains are good. The direction of the program is still off, and there are too many institutional issues to list.


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