The truth
by buffaloirish (2017-04-12 10:54:32)
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  In reply to: Has anyone seen the before/after photos on twitter? If so,  posted by nedryerson

I am pretty sure I saw PN make this point below, but the reality of strength and conditioning training is that pretty much any training stimulus introduced to elite, genetically gifted male athletes between the ages of 17-23 will result in strength increases and usually muscular weight gain.

That doesn't mean that Balis is maximizing the role of strength, conditioning, nutrition and rest within the program.

I think the point everyone is making is that Notre Dame (like Stanford) should be at the cutting edge of strength and nutrition in order to try to level the playing field with programs that generally get better athletes. And many people, including myself, believe that Balis is just another "run-lift-jump until you puke" trainer. We're leaving performance gains on the table.

That all said, you should see some improvement in strength and conditioning from our players because it seemed like Longo had really lost control of things. If the team is buying into these sub-optimal workouts, they still should see benefits simply because of their age and gender (and, accordingly, their hormonal profile), and genetic/athletic gifts.


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