Our best games featured positive or even TO differentials
by ShermanOaksND (2014-12-31 16:03:24)
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  In reply to: Turnovers by game in 2014  posted by Hanratty5ND

That includes FSU, which was an even turnover differential until the final INT, which wouldn't have happened had the refs not erroneously called OPI on the preceding play.

On the other hand, the even turnover differential vs. Northwestern makes that loss all the more indefensible. We were a referee's blunder in the 2012 Pitt game away from Kelly having at least one utterly inexcusable loss every season (Mich-Navy-Tulsa 2010, USF-Mich 2011, Mich-Pitt 2013, NW-UL 2014, plus inexcusable routs by ASU and USC in 2014).


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