Correct. ND historically can get OL, RB, QB, TE
by btd (2014-12-31 14:49:12)
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  In reply to: a pass based scheme is not a long term winner at ND  posted by jt

That's what we have a 100 year history of consistently being able to get at ND. OL are for better or worse usually the best students on the team as a group (individuals may be above/below).

Load up on OL and train them to run block -- which is how those big boys come pre-wired. Throw RBs behind them like we have right now and have always had at ND. We have been able to get a mobile QB on a consistent basis -- or pro style ones if that's what we want. In short, ND has always been able to find the QB profile it wants. TE is a lock at ND historically, ones that can catch and block also have been common at ND.

There you have it. A team that is going to consistently be able to run the ball. What we have not consistently found are 5 star wide receivers -- even after Weis and Kelly who have thrown the hell out of the ball. We get some, but not consistently. We never have.

ND also has rarely been deep across the board defensively. It is the exception, not the norm. Thus, the norm needs to be an offense that protects the defense. In years where the defense breaks the norm, that combined with the offense being the norm equals playoff year and maybe title year. There's your 1 in 5 years playing for a title. In years where the defense is average to slightly above average and the offense is the norm, you can hang with anyone and 11-1 might get you into the playoffs and a few breaks go your way and you back into a title (or at least have the reputation of being a hard out during the playoffs).

Kelly -- and Weis before him -- is flying in the face of what is well established to be true at ND.

One final point is our schedule. ND plays a schedule unlike any other team in football. We play a random mix of teams from year to year. You can't just load up on players of a certain kind to match up with your conference's style of play. We don't play teams with a consistent style of play. We need to be fundamentally rock solid and have a great core offense we can turn to where we impose our will on teams as a way to be consistently in every game no matter how well we match up against the style of team we are playing week to week and year to year.


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