What became of ND recruiting in Louisiana? Tillery is the
by Raoul (2014-12-31 14:45:53)
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first LA recruit in FB since 1999 (Albert Poree). There was a time when it seemed we got a decent recruit in that state every year or at least every other year. In 1998-1999 alone we had 3 (have no information before that)

I assume ND has some decent penetration in the state among regular students (at least relative to other Southern states) because of the Catholic schools. I know the ACE program has been active in New Orleans.

Have Catholic schools receded in importance? Does ND have a decent alumni presence in the state? Have things changed over the last 20 years? I know Katrina caused a big migration out of New Orleans. But the state is still cranking out top FB talent.

I would think New Orleans and Atlanta would be the two towns we recruit very hard in the GA, SC, AL, MS, LA area (basically SEC territory). We do OK I suppose in GA. But our LA talent pipeline all but evaporated in the last 15 years. Both Holtz and Davie recruited it. But Ty, Weis and Kelly not so much.


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