How often did Rice run per game?
by btd (2014-12-31 14:34:58)
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  In reply to: To be fair  posted by AquinasDomer

I bet it was 15 to 20 most games when you also include sacks -- since he gets hit on those plays too.

I also think 5 or 6 of those runs by Zaire yesterday likely would be handoffs to the RB steady state. Why?

1) He made the wrong read a few times. The safe read to him one game into his playing career is to keep the ball. That will change rapidly.

2) As we run read option more, teams really will not know whether the RB or the QB is going to run (a good thing). Thus, they will have to really defend the QB every time (also good). Thus, handing the ball off more to the RB will work. Thus, fewer total keepers by the QB and fewer total rushes per game.

My guess is the average will be more in the 8 to 12 rushes per game range steady state. That is sustainable. That's also why you need to recruit the same QB profile every year and get one every year so you are 3 deep at all times with someone capable of running the entire offense. That way if you do lose a QB, you aren't screwed. See OSU this year. That's the gold standard.


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