It was not balanced. That's the point.
by btd (2014-12-31 14:05:09)
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  In reply to: It was excellent balance on offense  posted by MattyMcD

We ran close to 2:1 run to pass. The passing total yards might be similar to rushing, but that's because running so well makes play action work and opens up the passing game (see the 75 yard TD from LSU as an example).

We do not want a balanced offense. What we want is an offense that can impose its will on teams via the run -- meaning run in spite of them focusing on stopping the run and consistently (like 80%+) get the first down rushing on 3rd and 3 or less. We then want a team capable of also passing the ball -- so a QB that actually can throw 10 to 35 yard passes consistently well in addition to being able to run read option well. That lets us pass if we have to, pass to take advantage of play action, and to make people pay for putting 8 in the box.

The only balance we want is possibly in total yards -- with the passing yards coming on very few throws that go for big gains simply because the defense is so heavily focused on stopping the run.

This also will protect a weak / thin defense -- which ND almost always has. We usually have a good 11 starters, but have minimal depth. That's the norm for ND, not the exception. A ball control offense protects that defense every game, every year. It increases the odds that thin defense can play its best the entire game (see comments today on how Day and the other DL were able to take nearly all snaps because they played so few overall defensive plays). Fewer defensive plays per game also typically translates into fewer injuries (even if the ratio of injuries / snap remains the same, fewer snaps means fewer total injuries).


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