The View from Section 340, Row JJ
by drdomer (2014-12-31 13:35:24)
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Attended with my son who got me the tickets for Christmas - two rows from the top.... COLD! Went to Stanford this year as well. At least it wasn't raining this time.

Great game, but LP Field may be the ugliest, most featureless stadium I've ever been to, and that includes Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Riverfront in Cincinnati and Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium.

The LSU fans were quite subdued from what I've experienced in the past - I'm sure the cold had something to do with it. Wimps.

The first timeout seemed to be caused by the referee setting the ball for play late. Clock was already down to about 9 when he moved away from the ball. With a new starter at qb, not surprising Malik didn't notice it.

Amazing how much warmer it got in the stadium after Brindza's kick went through....

Probably not on tape anywhere, but in accepting the trophy during the post-game ceremony, Coach Kelley stated that he had done a bad job of coaching in the USC game. No one here will argue, but board members frequently lambaste him for not taking personal responsibility for our losses. He's now done it at least once.

Looking forward to attending playoffs in warmer weather (or indoors) next year!


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