Agree--Kelly's DE recruiting is hard to fathom
by Hanratty5ND (2014-12-31 12:59:00)
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  In reply to: I'd call the current list of commits "inadequate."  posted by Bruno95

It is not like this roster was littered with edge rushers going into 2014 and beyond.

Why the hell wasn't DE recruiting priority numero uno?

As the season progressed--it was visibly apparent there was nobody at DE who could rush the passer. So why then didn't Kelly and staff adapt and make this position more of a priority going forward? His thinking here aligns with his offensive approach vs all the teams in 2014 sans LSU---idiotic.

Look at the top 5 or top 10 teams in college football.

How many of them would trade their DE classes these last 2 years for ND's?

Not one of them would.


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