I understand the choice you're facing.
by BottleofRed (2017-03-15 14:52:59)
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My dad and I are dealing with the same thing. Our season tickets have been in the family almost 60 years. We've been to some amazing games together and we've sat through some real shit. We saw us lose to Navy and Air Force in consecutive weeks and we live 750 miles away. Even in the midst of the 2007 season, we always felt there was a reason to hope that the team would get better.

But that hope has been thoroughly destroyed. We're on academic probation. We've had to vacate wins. The coach is an incompetent ass who managed a 4-8 record in his 7th season and kept his job. The AD is a pompous ass who thinks we should all just be happy to sit on our favorite bench and marvel at our new fucking jumbotron. They have turned Notre Dame stadium into every other B level program stadium in the country and they're proud of it. The place where my dad and I have our best memories doesn't exist anymore so that makes it a little easier to give up our tickets.


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