Yep. Posted this story the Monday after it happened. Two
by JoyceSouthGater (2017-03-15 13:58:25)
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fat fuck Michigan slobs right behind us. As soon as Clausen hit Tate for the 50 yard bomb to put us up 21-0 (I think) one of them chucked by brother from behind, almost sending him over the railing in 108. I grabbed the guy and pulled him down on me, while the other was punching wildly.
Ushers and police came up and got the guy off of me. Once I stood up I found my wife standing in the aisle with her face split wide open and gushing blood.
They took us down to the med center in the stadium and rushed us off to Memorial's ER.
When I followed up with ND that Monday Cappy told me ND police let the guys go, without even getting their names. Then tried blaming me for the fight "we started with 2 Michigan fans behind us".
I argued back and forth with that asshole for weeks until he finally agreed to pick up the medical expenses.
There was surveillance footage of ND cops walking the 2 fat fucks to the gate and then letting them go.


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