The morons at the top don't see the hourglass...
by cj (2017-03-15 11:57:07)
Edited on 2017-03-15 12:00:41
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  In reply to: ....for the ND "fans" idiotic enough to support that crap  posted by Hanratty5ND

Pouring through that glass are sub alum, alum .... others that remember the glory, tradition, humility, commitment to unparrallleled excellence ..... both on and off the field of Notre Dame.
These folks that would regale tales of a small Catholic school achieving an incredible level success to their children, grandchildren. nieces, nephews, friends are a dying breed....I am among them.
We continue to squander goodwill, our traditions.... Right now we are unrecognizable.
The fact that men who have zero experience running a football team choose to do so is a testament to their despicable egos, recklessness and foolishness.
All I can say is, it is obvious to me that jenkins and swarbrick hate Notre Dame.
Watch both hitch their wagons to the ND basketball team these next weeks.
Hey, Nolan you piss ant, why not ask these jackasses what they have done for Brey relative to the worst HC to walk our football sidelines?
NyIrish08 had the good fortune to tell swarbrick to "fire kelly" after the Duke game. He was met with rat face growling, "ND". What a douchebag swarbrick is.....
I would love to hear a fire kelly cheer at the Princeton game....other ND games.....


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