The tickets are in my Dad's name.
by YADAYADAYADA (2017-03-15 11:19:11)
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  In reply to: And you will, no doubt, pay up, right? *  posted by Boomer80

He has talked about transferring them over to me but I am not sure how much that will cost.

At this point, I am considering paying with the hope that Kelly may be gone next year and we will actually have a coach I don't despise.

That, and they are throwing in the original bench seats for "no additional cost"!

I'm a sentimental person and the fact that I've sat in those same seats with my Dad for over 30 years makes it tough for me to just give them up. They are great seats. 27 rows from the field in the end zone Reggie Brooks caught the two-point conversion in the Snow Bowl.


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