I would say that I'm a fan, however
by vermin05 (2017-03-15 11:18:39)
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  In reply to: ....for the ND "fans" idiotic enough to support that crap  posted by Hanratty5ND

I strongly believe this program is collapsing and will die if BK and friends remain in charge. I also strongly believe that our esteemed AD stuck his neck out this past off season to save BK so he didn't look like a moran for extending his contract last year. The only way I see both of these losers being fired is complete failure next year. Only said failure will cause Jack to be fired, which I believe is essential to fixing the football program.

Therefore, I do hope that ND goes 0-12 next year for the greater good. I also strongly expect that this summer some player is going to mess up this and make the news. I don't hope that this will happen for the player, but knowing the caliber of our HC and the hatred the SPPD and ISP have towards ND I think it is inevitable it will happen. The only silver lining will be that it will be yet another example of BK and JS failure at their jobs.

I will not be attending a single game this year, down from my usual 3-4 games because quite frankly I can spend far less money to do an activity I know I will enjoy.


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