There is a big difference between smoking a pipe and
by gadomer (2017-03-15 08:52:50)
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  In reply to: And Lou smoked a pipe at practice at times.  posted by Moff

smoking unfiltered Camel cigarettes.

A former ND player played against a Joe Moore-led team in HS. As he tells it, his team was the toughest opponent he had ever played against. They were hard-hitting and intense. The image he will never forget was watching Joe Moore's halftime screed.
In those days, the teams did not go into the locker room at halftime; they took a huddled position off the field. Joe Moore had his team about 40 yards away. My friend watched in awe as Joe Moore reamed out his team while constantly smoking what looked like unfiltered Camel cigarettes.
My friend's team won that game 7-6, but maintains they were lucky to leave that field alive.


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