And they didn't call a return because he was winded
by Moff (2017-03-15 00:19:00)
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  In reply to: what is most impressive about that second return  posted by jt

and taking advantage of the oxygen tank right before they ran him back out there. But, while you see a chance, take it.

It was all about the cleats though. Before those returns, he was not happy with his footing. (If it was 20 years ago I could have told you exactly when we changed them). IIRC, he was wearing the plastic-tipped cleats, and we swapped them with metal-tipped ones while he sat on the bench. (This gave me something to do while the towels dried). I stand by our decision.

I think he had the better lateral juke moves versus Rocket. He has commented that its unforgivable to allow a kicker to tackle a return man.


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