That's a real beaut.
by Moff (2017-03-14 17:14:11)
Edited on 2017-03-14 17:15:26
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Here are the highlights:

Yes, Cappy. Thanks God Bob Davie was available. And nice comparison of him to Knute Rockne and Joe Paterno who also had no head coaching experience!

Those damn Joe Moore jurors. Way to point out that they chose to base their verdict on the words that came out of Davie's mouth, rather than the fact that Cappy is of the opinion that ND doesn't age discriminate against ALL the old fogies on campus. Did they not hear that Moore smoked?

And yes, ask the players what they think of Matt Doherty. He asks them how class is going. Amazing. But better ask him quick before he bolts for greener pastures!

Wadsworth was my classmate and gosh darn it he made no mistakes.

(Congrats AE, on getting me fired up again 18 years after the fact)


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