Ohhh I like this game, let's convert 6 close wins to losses
by irishlaw2010 (2014-12-31 12:32:07)
Edited on 2014-12-31 12:33:50
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  In reply to: 5-6 games really makes a difference  posted by ndmdchgo

I'll go:

2010 - Cierre Wood's fumble on the final TD drive against USC isn't recovered by Eifert; Kiffin runs out the clock

2011 - Ruffer's 4th quarter field goal goes wide-right again BC; BC drives length of field for TD with under 2 minutes left to give the Eagles a 14-13 victory

2012 - Officials call the duplicate number penalty, Pitt's kicker wins it in OT

2013 - the officials don't call PI as tightly, ND unable to put up 17 on MSU

2013 - USC's kicker is halfway competent; Irish unable to jack shit in 2nd half against Trojan defense; Irish lose 16-14

2014 - officials rule TD on the field at the end of 2nd half; replay inconclusive; Irish lose 35-28 after being unable to get in the endzone on the final drive.


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