Did something change in the last week? (link)
by Moff (2017-03-12 23:48:45)
Edited on 2017-03-12 23:52:12
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  In reply to: His recovery actually hasn't been great news.  posted by BigNDfan

“Not one thing that I’ve seen or heard that if he was sitting there this year that we wouldn’t run to use our first pick on him, at his health condition,” Jones said Saturday from the scouting combine in Indianapolis.

At this time a year ago, testing showed Smith did not have any nerve function, but that has changed, with his most recent test showing some activation, a sign that the nerve is regenerating.

“The same people that advised us when we drafted him that he can play the way he has been conditioning and play right now,” Jones said. “We factually know and are optimistic about more that his feeling and nerves are improving. We know that.”


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